About Me

I’m a Growth and SEO Specialist at ADK Group. I work with a wide range of companies: from enterprise B2B companies to B2C startups helping companies leverage evergreen marketing strategies to realize long term growth. My skills are deepest in the technical side of SEO, developing content strategies for B2B companies, and creating new user acquisition playbooks for early-stage startups.

Some of the companies I’ve helped grow include:

  • Wasabi Technologies, a SaaS-startup in cloud storage
  • SIKA AG, a $6bn-per-year multinational chemical manufacturer
  • MCOP, the nation’s leading prosthetic and orthotic specialist
  • CAPA, a leader in study abroad programs
  • Sleeping Dog Properties, a luxury home construction company
  • FireFly Health, a primary care startup
  • TradeHounds, a social network for tradespeople

Previously, I helped grow Wellist, a digital health startup focused on improving the out-of-hospital experience for people with chronic and debilitating diseases.

About This Blog

This blog contains my thoughts and essays — broadly about digital strategy, but primarily focused on actionable growth and marketing advice. The fuel for this is a combination of the articles I read, along with skills and ideas that I learn and develop during my career.